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We're Blogging Again, Too

If you've followed us for a while (we've been around since 2012), you know we used to keep a blog going along with our web TV show. But we didn't always keep up with the blog (or either really - we do this part-time). But we're back at both now and have been with the show consistently since last summer (2017) with the launch of our iPhone shot short film, "Casey's Favorite Song".

Our blog actually went down to a virus earlier this year when we were using Wordpress - we've now since switched to a different platform (and we think a better one). So we lost several years worth of content and are essentially starting over now with the blog. Technology changes so quickly though that a lot of that was likely out of date anyway. And to that point...

One thing we're striving to do now - with both the blog AND our show is not only cover the latest / greatest iPhone filmmaking tech - but also the technique required to use it to make great videos and films.

There are plenty (tons actually) of tech show and blogs Out There, but not many of them actually practice what they preach and use the tech in real world scenarios. Mainly it's just about reviews and testing. We do that some too of course, but again, we're trying to now show the tech along with the technique in actual real world use and provide our analysis and commentary along the way.

So we hope you'll come along for the ride and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with our latest videos and also keep up with our blog by subscribing too (on the right side of the page). We had lots of blog subs on our previous site that unfortunately got lost.

Thanks for the support and let us know in the comments below if there's any iPhone filmmaking stuff you'd like us to talk about in a future episode or post.

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