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Shooting LOG with the New Moment App?

Moment updated their Pro Camera app a few days ago and announced several really interesting new video features including an RGB histogram, audio meters and most interesting to us -100Mbps bit rates and Log/Flat color profiles.

So, we took the new app out for a test drive primarily looking at their Log profile against the other color profiles - and against the FiLMiC Pro app (and their Log profile).

One nice thing we discovered is that our LUT Packs work nicely with the new Moment Log footage. Although if you watched the video you know we don't think that this is actually a true log gamma curve being applied - it's more like a "log effect" or a "filter" that is doing a global contrast adjustment - so you're not going to see any dynamic range improvements. But in saying that, the footage does look good and has a cinematic feel to it, just no wider dynamic range (definitely protect for your highlights) and so if you go into it knowing that it's fine.

Is it a replacement for FiLMiC Pro? Not if you want to shoot in a truer log profile or have a much more robust and professional feature set. But the new Moment app is a nice step in the right direction for mobile filmmakers (probably more newbie ones) and so we're glad to see them pursuing these avenues (but they really should just call their log profile a "Log Effect" instead of implying it's actually log as that can be confusing).

So do you shoot with the Moment app or maybe FiLMiC Pro? And do you like the LOG color profiles? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on social media.

Happy mobile filmmaking!

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