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'5DayDeal' Is a Great Deal!

This year we're helping promote the 2020 Video Creators Bundle from the 5DayDeal guys and some of our favorite educational filmmakers like Ryan Connally & Film Riot, Shane Hurlbut, Parker Walbeck, Fstoppers, Tomorrow's Filmmakers and more.

You get $2700 worth of courses, sound effects and stock footage for only $89. So that's a 96% discount and if you look at everything you get you'll see it really is an amazing deal. Also, a portion of the sales goes to charity, too. So it's a win-win for everyone involved.

And it's only good for the next few days... You probably knew that by the name though, huh? :)

Promotion starts today June 7th and goes through June 16th (noon PST).

Go here to check out the deal! And btw, if the website lags or doesn't load immediately just refresh it. There is lots of traffic hitting the site right now.

Happy filmmaking!

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