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New Filmmaking Podcast

We've been thinking about doing a podcast for over a year and recently (finally) took the plunge and our first episode is now live. The show is called "Almost Professional" and it's about living the life of an "almost professional" filmmaker (yeah, the show title is tongue & cheek).

The podcast will be a compliment to our YouTube channel and a place we can share more in-depth insights into independent filmmaking (mobile & DIY). This will include real world production stories, industry analysis (with the occasional rant), exploring the craft and mechanics of filmmaking and more.

The show is hosted by producer/director/editor Blake Calhoun who has 15+ years of (almost) professional filmmaking experience. :)

Listen to the podcast below and please subscribe (it's available pretty much everywhere in addition to these links). New episodes will be released monthly (and probably more as we move forward)...

Thanks and happy filmmaking!

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