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We share mobile + DIY filmmaking tools, tips & techniques for indie filmmakers, YouTube creators, mobile journalists and really anyone who wants to create better video using their smartphone. We primarily use iOS devices - but most of our tips will work with any smartphone - so if you're an Android user there's plenty of good info here for you, too! :)

Filmmakers Blake Calhoun and Courtney Ware started "The iPhoneographers" on YouTube in 2012. Blake has directed feature films, web series (including one for Warner Bros.) and short films. He's also won a Streamy Award, Webbys and more. Courtney has also directed & edited features and short films and had several projects screen at Sundance and SXSW.

The iPhoneographers was originally a "How To" and gear review series showcasing the latest in iPhone tech. Since then our YouTube channel has grown to over 150,000 subscribers and now includes storytelling tools & techniques that can not only be applied to mobile filmmaking, but also to more traditional methods as well.

We also produce short films, travel videos and more using our smartphone. And our iPhone shot short film "Miranda" won the FiLMiC Pro One World Film Contest.

Additionally, we offer on-demand filmmaking training courses and behind-the-scenes educational content.

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