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BUYER'S GUIDE | Camera Support

This section highlights various camera support gear including cages/rigs, mounts and small tripods.

These two featured videos looks at popular tabletop tripods and universal smartphone cages:


Cages, Rigs & Tripod Mounts

Featured tabletop tripod purchase links:


Some other good (more expensive) options to consider:

Featured universal smartphone cage purchase links:

Beastgrip Pro

This is one of the more popular smartphone "cages" on the market. If you've seen an Apple behind-the-scenes video of one of their iPhone shot projects then you've likely seen one of these featured. It's a solid performer and has a "universal mount" design, so it will work with most any sized phones.

Buy on Amazon

Shoulderpod G2

This isn't so much a "cage" as it is a tripod mount that will hold accessories. Probably better called a "rig", but regardless what you call it the G2 is a high-quality piece of gear that won't disappoint (unless you don't like the size, as it is fairly large). It has a universal design with lots of cold shoe mounts and is ideal for mobile journalism.

NOTE: This is hard to find now, but when it's available you should grab one. :)

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This rig turns your smartphone into a camcorder, well, almost. Once it's setup it does feel like you're shooting with one, which can be great for handheld work. This is a controversial product though as many folks don't understand why you'd want to rig your phone out like this, but for those that do like a camcorder vibe, this one does that well.


NOTE: Not sure if this is still being made.

Buy at B&H

BeastRail (and BeastCage)

If you really want to add punch to your setup then the BeastCage and BeastRail (along with their DOF adapter) will really do the trick. The BeastCage is designed for specific iPhones, so make sure you get the right one for your device, but the BeastRails are universal. Btw, you don't need the BeastRails to use the BeastCage, but if you are using the DOF and larger lenses then it's a good option to consider.

Buy BeastRail, BeastCage or DOF MK3

Helium Core

This was the first iPhone cage we ever tried and it's great. We've used one since the iPhone 6S up until the XS Max. They are iPhone only though and we haven't seen one designed for the iPhone 11 or later yet, so not sure if they're going to support it or now. However, for the older device these are great. 

NOTE: This is no longer available.

Buy from Helium

Shoulderpod S1

The original Shoulderpod is still one of our favorite simple smartphone grips/mounts. It's high-quality build, simple design and robust performance keeps us going back to it. The only negative is it does not have a built-in cold shoe, but for minimalist setups you really can't beat it.


NOTE: This is no longer available new, but it could potentially be found used.

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PolarPro LiteChaser Pro (iPhone 11 Pro)

The PolarPro IRIS ND was one of our favorite iPhone ND filter kits, but when the iPhone 11 was released it no longer worked (hate that!). So PolarPro went back to the drawing board and came up with a more all-in-one solution called the LiteChaser Pro - and, it's pretty great. It's a case with a detachable grip/tripod mount and a filter (variable ND or CP). Very solid choice if you don't mind a proprietary setup.

NOTE: No longer available new.

Buy from PolarPro


This is similar to the LiteChaser Pro, but it is designed more for photography than video (but works great with video) to turn your phone into a "DSLR" style shooting experience. It lives up to that too for a more minimalist approach, although you can add Moment lenses on some of their cases for more advanced setups.

NOTE: This product doesn't appear to have been updated in a while.

Buy from ShutterCase

GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit from Joby

This is actually an all-in-one solution, so it's more than just a tripod or mount. With it you can create a small "studio" to use for YouTube, Zoom and more - or simply use it for vlogging or TikTok or really any kind of video production. Easy to setup/use and great too for beginners.

Buy from Amazon

PolarPro LiteChaser Pro (iPhone 12 Pro)

PolarPro updated their popular iPhone filmmaking "rig" and we have to say it's really great. The case can work for everyday carry (and is MagSafe compatible), but it's also very robust for video work including adding the ability to mount Moment lenses and of course PolarPro filters. This is a top recommendation if you have an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max.

NOTE: No longer available new.

Buy from PolarPro

PolarPro LiteChaser Pro (iPhone 13 Pro)

PolarPro released a version of their popular kit for the iPhone 13 Pro/Max. They kept pretty much the same design as the previous 12 series version, but with a few notable changes - primarily they have now added a proprietary lens mount and new lenses. So the Moment mount is gone, but you can now use the filters on their lenses, which is a nice touch. It's a great all-in-one solution for mobile filmmakers.

Buy from PolarPro

PolarPro LiteChaser Pro (iPhone 14 Pro)

PolarPro released a completely redesigned verion of their case that is acdtually a cage, or both really. They have two options. This video is about the cage version and it's very well-made, but not nearly as "mobile" as the case. It's a nice option for those looking for a more robust setup similar to a Beastcage.

Buy from PolarPro

We use affiliate links from Amazon, B&H and more for some of our suggestions. A small commission is paid to us for any sales which helps support our website and YouTube channel - and it costs you nothing extra. Thank you!

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