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Below are gimbals we've either reviewed, tested and/or used. This list does not consist of every gimbal available (that would be a huge list!), however, it does include many of the more popular options. And please note, some of these may no longer be available.

If you own an iPhone 15 Pro Max (or any larger phone, including Androids) watch the video directly below first to see which gimbal works with it. And the video below it looks at the 12 Pro Max options, which are similar in size to later larger phones. 



Smartphone + Action Cameras

Zhiyun Smooth 5

Zhiyun finally updated their popular Smooth 4 gimbal to the Smooth 5 and have to say... It's a great update. The main feature is it will now hold 300g and for a smartphone gimbal that's pretty darn good. Overall this is a solid performer and ranks near the top of mobile video accessories to consider for your kit - especially if you use filters & lenses.

Payload: 300g

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Hohem iSteady V2 (AI Tracking Gimbal)

First of its kind gimbal that can track a face via a hardware sensor, meaning without an app. So you can use ANY app like FiLMiC Pro with this gimbal and track someone. That's a big deal and makes this a new favorite of ours. Especially too because it can also handle the larger phones like the 12 Pro Max (with no major accessories though). 

Payload: 280g

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FeiyuTech Vimble 3

Lightweight travel style gimbal for quick & easy on the go setups. Includes a built-in selfie stick, so it's great for social media. Not designed for heavy payloads though, but excellent for portability and ease of use. And it's very affordable.

Payload: 260g

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This gimbal REALLY surprised us as it's easily one of the best low costs gimbals we've ever used - and it also holds a lot of weight for it's size. This is our new favorite for lightweight travel and social media. We don't recommend using a case or any accessories like filters, etc.(especially with larger phones), but for barebones shooting this setup is great.

Payload: 280g

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Zhiyun Smooth X

Unique two-axis gimbal that is half selfie stick. Very small and portable. Folded it will fit in the palm of your hand. This is really a beginner's gimbal and/or one designed for social media content. It's not one we'd recommend for more traditional filmmaking. Very inexpensive though at under $60USD for the basic model. The kit with a case & tripod is $10 more. Works with the Ultra Wide lens.

Payload: 200g (but up to 235g, we think)

Buy Basic Model or the Full Kit


Popular option from a popular brand. The gimbal performs well, but is not overly robust.  So if you're okay with mainly using only the phone and limited accessories like lenses or ND (especially with plus size devices) then this is a solid choice.

Payload: 300g

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Hohem iSteady X

Lightweight, foldable gimbal that is ideal for travel. Very smooth performance right out of the box. Good for casual users, traveling, vlogging and it's affordable. One of our favorites for easy operation and great bang for the buck.

Payload: 280g

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Zhiyun Smooth Q2

Nice update to the original Smooth Q. This one is much more robust with an all metal build and feels very high-quality. It does work with the Ultra Wide iPhone lens when in flashlight mode. Note there is a Q3 available now as well, but this is still a solid option.

Payload: 260g

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Smartphone + Compact Cameras / Mirrorless

FeiyuTech Scorp 2

Great multi-purpose "hybrid" gimbal that will hold any smartphone setup you can throw at it, along with most mirrorless cameras and smaller cinema cameras. Great design that is very easy to use and it also has a built-in AI Tracker, so it's excellent for solo YouTubers or anyone filming themselves. Highly recommended. 

Payload: 5.5 lbs.

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Zhiyun Crane M3

This gimbal has been updated and redesigned from its predecessor the M2 - and have to say it's pretty great. It's now our go to gimbal for heavier phone rigs - and also smaller traditional cameras like a Sony mirrorless. Definitely one of our top choices to consider for more serious filmmaking setups.

Payload: Unknown (but holds a lot)

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Moza Aircross S

Nice "hybrid" gimbal that'll hold most larger iPhone rigs along with small mirrorless camera setups. The gimbal is compact, too. Very good bang for the buck as it's one of the more affordable options in the category.

Payload: 4 lbs.

Buy from Moza

FeiyuTech Scorp Mini

This gimbal replaces the excellent G6 Max and has a sleek new updated design. That design makes it very easy to shoot underslung along with "flashlight mode" style shots, which is great. And payload is very solid as it will hold most cage setups, although it does struggle with top heavy loads like the Beastcage.  

Payload: 2.65 lbs.

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Moza Mini-P

Hybrid gimbal for smartphones and small traditional cameras. Plastic handle and metal camera mount keeps the gimbal very light, and it folds so it's a good option for travel. Works with the Ultra Wide lens. Excellent payload capacity, too.

Payload: 1.98 lbs.

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FeiyuTech G6 Max & G6 Plus

Hybrid gimbals for both smartphones and small cameras. Been out a while, but still viable options (especially used). The Max has better build quality and payload capacity. It's also more expensive. Both are solid and work with Ultra Wide lens. If you can afford it go with the Max.

Payload: 2.6 lbs. (Max) & 1.7 lbs. (Plus)

Buy the G6 Max or G6 Plus on Amazon

Larger Cameras / DSLR, Mirrorless & Cinema

Moza Aircross 2

This is one of the best larger form factor gimbals we've used. It will hold everything from a rigged out smartphone (lenses, cage, etc.) to a cinema camera like the Blackmagic Pocket. Great bang for the buck if you want to work with a wide variety of cameras. Newer version now available, but this is still nice.

Payload: 7 lbs.

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DJI Ronin-SC

Nice gimbal for small to medium size camera setups. The gimbal itself is lighter than it's bigger sibling the DJI Ronin S, so it's easier to handle and use. Solid choice for those wanting to stay in the DJI ecosystem. 

Payload: 4.41 lbs.

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Zhiyun Crane 3S

This is a surprisingly affordable gimbal that can hold a whopping 14 lb. payload. Not many cameras around today that this couldn't handle, so if you need to fly a larger cinema setup then this is definitely one to check out.

Payload: 14.3 lbs.

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Excellent gimbal for small to medium sized camera setups. This gimbal folds like many of its smartphone style siblings, so it's easy to take on the go. A definite solid choice for those wanting to upgrade an older gimbal and stay in the DJI ecosystem. 

Payload: 6.6 lbs.

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Legacy Gimbals - Gone But Not Forgotten :)

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Lightweight gimbal constructed of mainly plastic, but still feels solid. No joystick, but controls are fairly intuitive. Integrates with the FiLMiC Pro app. Works with the Ultra Wide lens in flashlight mode, but not ideal for plus sized phones due to limited payload capacity.

Payload: 210g

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Movi Cinema Robot (DISCONTINUED)

This is still our go to gimbal for most of the smartphone filmmaking we do. Its unique design really makes using it very easy and it holds a lot of weight. Has FiLMiC Pro integration. Only negative is it does not work with the Ultra Wide lens (without modification). Sad Movi no longer make this.

Payload: Not published (but it's strong)

Try buying on Amazon or from Moment

FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket

Amazingly small gimbal that you can actually put in your pocket. And it holds a lot of weight for its size. Great for travel and vlogging. Works with the Ultra Wide lens.

Payload: 260g

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Moza Mini-MI

Very strong gimbal for its size with good app functionality. Handle is a bit beefy, but works okay. Wish the included mini tripod was bigger. Works with Ultra Wide lens in flashlight mode. Solid, value priced gimbal.

Payload: 300g

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Moza Mini-S

Foldable travel-size gimbal, yet when unfolded it's normal sized. Plastic build to keep it lightweight, but still fairly strong. Value priced and good for beginners.

Payload: 260g

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Zhiyun Crane M2

We had lots of trouble balancing a phone on this gimbal at first (see the review video), however, we've since gotten it to work fine and it's a good gimbal (especially for compact cameras), but it's not our favorite in this class (that would be the G6 Max above). It's worth a look though especially for small cameras and if you prefer Zhiyun gimbals.

Payload: 1.58 lbs.

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We use affiliate links from Amazon, B&H and more for some of our suggestions. A small commission is paid to us for any sales which helps support our website and YouTube channel - and it costs you nothing extra. Thank you!

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