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Get an inside look at how we used our DIY filmmaking approach to make the award-winning short film "Miranda", and how you can apply these techniques to your own projects.


Hope you enjoy taking a look behind the filmmaking curtain and it helps you make your own movies today!

What Will I Learn?

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  • What gear and techniques we used to make the short film

  • A breakdown of several scenes including lenses, camera settings, effects, etc.

  • Tips for helping you take your short films to the next level using VFX and more

7 Videos • 40 Minutes of Content


Download to own the short film in a 2.4:1 widescreen 2K format.

(4 mins)


How we made the short film with only a two-person crew.

(7 mins)


Can you spot the hidden visual effects shots in the film?

(8 mins)


How and why our iPhone overheated during the shoot!

(5 mins)

Buy through the Vimeo player or link above and watch on any computer, iOS or Android mobile device, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

Also included:

  1. How To Fake Shallow Depth-Of-Field (9 mins): Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial (using masks).

  2. Lens & Camera Test (4 mins): Various lens & camera tests before the shoot (in 4K).

  3. FiLMiC Pro Log Footage & Color Grade Test (3 mins): Color grading tests before the shoot (in 4K).

Now Available! | Only $10 | BUY NOW

Suggested Requirements

  • This is for anyone interested in our do-it-yourself style of indie filmmaking using a smartphone (or whatever camera you have) to create narrative fiction projects. So whether you're a beginner just getting started or are experienced and looking to try something different or new.

  • A general knowledge of filmmaking terms and concepts is ideal, but not mandatory. We mention various gear, software and techniques that might sound unfamiliar otherwise. But, if you're a novice don't worry as you can learn along the way (that's the idea, right?). :)

Questions? Check out the FAQ.

Watch some of our other work...

Below are two popular web series we created using our DIY filmmaking approach. "Pink" was shot on a Canon HDV camera and has millions of views and is a Streamy Awards® and Webby® winner... And "Continuum" was shot on a Canon 7D DSLR camera and also has millions of views and numerous award nominations and wins from the IAWTV and more.

If you're viewing this page on a mobile device and don't see purchase links please go here for "Pink" or to purchase "Continuum" go here. These series are available via Vimeo On Demand. Thank you.

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