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This section highlights various lighting gear we've reviewed for portable & studio style setups.

This featured video looks at four popular portable LED lights:


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This is a really nice, affordable & robust RGB LED light. Very similar to one of our favorites - the Boling P1 - but this one is less expensive and easier to use. Both are solid options, but if you're looking for an indie-friendly and versatile LED for a variety of applications this is one to definitely consider.

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FalconEyes F7 Fold RGB LED

This is the big brother to the popular F7 LED, which is the big brother to the F7 Mini we featured above. Versatile light with lots of extras. Great for YouTubers and filmmakers with all the various effects & features. It's a tad bit pricey though, but excellent quality.

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FalconEyes RX 24TD Roll-Flex LED

This is a very interesting bi-color LED light that can work just as well on the go as it can in a studio. The light is flexible and so it rolls up for easy travel, but when fully assembled with diffusion and a grid it makes an excellent large source key light (on location or in a studio). One of our favorite and most used lights.

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Boling P1 RGB LED

This is a full featured LED light that works great in a variety of shooting scenarios. Need some police light FX? Done. How about an RGB accent light? You bet. Or maybe an on-camera interview light. Absolutely. Extremely versatile with a high-quality build and a long lasting battery make this an ideal light for any filmmaker's kit. 

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FalconEyes SO-28TD

Indie-friendly price with top notch quality is how we'd describe this bi-color LED light. Has a very soft output with it's built-in "diffuser", which makes it a great choice for lighting skin tone. It's bright enough to work as a small key light too, especially for interview setups or in a small studio.

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FalconEyes RX 24TD Roll-Flex II LED

This is an updated version to this great, flexible LED light that rolls up for easy travel, but when fully assembled with diffusion and a grid it makes an excellent large source key light. It's now water resistant too. Still one of our favorite and most used lights both in the studio and on the go.

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FalconEyes IRISA 1 LED Stick Light

The last few years tube lights - or stick lights - have really become popular. They're very portable and bright options that are also soft, which is ideal for many lighting situations. And, most are RGB and offer FX like lighting or police lights, etc. This is a very good option if you're considering this type of LED. And yeah, lighting can be a tad bit boring. :)

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