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Gear & app suggestions for more advanced mobile video & filmmaking setups.


Indie filmmakers, YouTubers, vloggers, mobile journalists, documentary & travel filmmakers, corporate or real estate video creators, and serious video enthusiasts/hobbyists.


These kits include (or can include) everything in the Minimalist setups (check out those kits to add gear, as needed), but expands on those for more involved & professional scenarios including shooting in a studio or on location. If you're serious about video production it's a good idea to have multiple setups for different kinds of work. For example, you might use a Minimalist setup for a travel shoot and then a Filmmaker setup for a short film. 

Please note: These suggestions are the primary accessories you will need to shoot high-quality video on most jobs, but they are likely not everything you'll need as each shoot will be different and can require other gear.

Below are different configurations with purchase links. These are suggestions based upon years of hands-on experience. And please note, many of these options could be mixed & matched within the different setups.


This can work with a variety of phone models:

Note - if you have an iPhone 15 Pro/Max some of these items won't work (see optional list below).



This can also work with a variety of phone models:

Which lenses to buy is a subjective call, so go with what you need, but regarding filters we'd suggest getting a 2-5 stop variable ND or get individual 3 to 5 stop solid ND filters. Polarizers and mist filters are useful too, but not mandatory like ND. And both Moment and Sandmarc have different ways to mount their filters to the lenses.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Moment M-Series cases are for iPhone 13 or earlier. If you have a 14 or later series device, then get a T-Series (and if you do that then the Moondog Filter Mount will not work, so consider a snap-on filter mount from Moment for your specific phone).



This will only work with the iPhone 13 or 14 Pro/Pro Max:

*You can mount Moment lenses to the LiteChaser Pro 12 or 14 series models (which is great), but when you do you'll need to add a Moment ND filter mount as the PolarPro do not work on external lenses. Optionally, you could use the Moondog Lab Multi-Camera Filter Mount to use additional filters that you already own or that are not offered by PolarPro (but it does not work with third-party lenses).



FILMMAKER • OPTIONS for iPhone 15 Pro/Max


Any of the other tripods or mics mentioned will work with the 15 series phones.


These are optional suggestions that can work for all setups depending on the job:




For more gear suggestions be sure to check out the main Apps + Gear page
and/or the Buyer's Guides from the menu above.

Check out our Smartphone Cinematography 101 course

We use affiliate links from Amazon, B&H and more for some of our suggestions. A small commission is paid to use for any sales which helps support our website and YouTube channel - and it costs you nothing extra. Thank you!​

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