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CAMERA SUPPORT (Buyer's Guide)

GIMBALS (Buyer's Guide)

TRIPODS (Buyer's Guide)




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The above lists are primarily apps and gear that we've reviewed and/or use on a regular basis. For detailed insights on mobile filmmaking apps we'd suggest checking out Handheld Hollywood. Also, we primarily focus on iOS apps, however, many of these are cross-platform and will work on Android, too. For a comprehensive Android app resource download this PDF from our friends at the Smartfilming Blog.

  • If you want to learn how to use various gear and apps then check out our course offerings in the Mobile Filmmaker Academy.

  • To see all of the filmmaking gear we use to produce our YouTube show and more please visit our page on Kit. And the primary music we use in our work is from the Artlist (get 2 months free using this link).

  • Also, check out FilmConvert and CineMatch to take your mobile shot footage to the next level (or any footage for that matter - they both work great with any camera) and save 10% using our links.

  • Another great software tool we use is Topaz Labs, which allows you to denoise, sharpen and upscale legacy SD footage to HD, or HD to 4K and even up to 8K. Also works with photos.

  • If you need stock footage for for a project check out POND5 where you can buy just one clip at a time or get a subscription. It's nice to have options versus only offering a subscription model like most sites these days. They also have 30 million clips! SAVE 20% on your first purchase using our link

Some of the gear and/or apps may no longer be available or work with later iPhone or other smartphone models.

We use affiliate links for some of our suggestions. As an Amazon associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases, which helps support our website and YouTube channel - and it costs you nothing extra. Thank you!

We've also created dedicated gear recommendations pages. We get lots of questions on the best way to start building a filmmaking kit and so here are some suggestions:

Minimalist Setups 

YouTuber or Social Media Setups

Filmmaker Setups

(See list above for other ideas & favorites. Mix and match as needed for your style of work.)

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