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Started a Second YouTube Channel

I've been planning to create a second filmmaking-related YouTube channel for a while and I finally got it setup.

Why am I doing this?

Well, primarily for the YouTube algorithm. Let me explain.

I upload weekly videos to my main iPhoneographers channel and those videos are primarily geared towards mobile filmmaking. My new channel will include some mobile filmmaking, but it will also have a lot more stuff about traditional filmmaking - and less about gear or tech - more about the freelance filmmaker lifestyle. And I'll also post a video version of my podcast on this new channel, too.

If I posted this "unrelated" content to my iPhoneographers channel it could (and likely would) mess up the way the YouTube algorithm serves my videos to subscribers and also the way it recommends my videos to non-subs. In short, it could really screw things up.

Not to mention my current iPhoneographers subs might not want to see videos not related to mobile video.

So... I decided to keep things separate and create a new channel - and that's what I did.

My podcast will still be posted to Anchor and then distributed to other podcast platforms like Apple, Spotify, etc. But now it'll also live on YouTube. I think having lots of listening options is a good thing and in the future I might actually shoot video during the audio recordings, but for now I'm using an app called Headliner to turn the audio into "Audiograms" for video versions of the episodes.

Here is a link to the YouTube podcast playlist and the current episode below:

So PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to the new channel if you're interested in "watching" the podcast on YouTube and also seeing a variety of other cool filmmaking stuff. :) And btw, my plan will be to post videos to the new channel once a month or so. My main channel will still be weekly uploads. Thanks!

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