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The full course is available! Don't wait to create.

The Complete Guide To FiLMiC Pro

Learn how to master FiLMiC Pro in this multi-part video training course. Start with the basics of getting to know the app interface and its controls, and then how to use those controls to shoot professional quality video with your smartphone.


The guide also includes training for more advanced users along with real world examples, best practices and more. Below is a free preview of the general overview.

This preview is from the "Getting To Know FiLMiC Pro" section of the full training course, but it is also available in our behind-the-scenes filmmaking series called "Make A Movie Today" (this series is less technical, and more about the approach it takes to produce zero budget DIY movies and more).

Suggested Requirements

A general knowledge of filmmaking terms and concepts is ideal, but not mandatory. We mention various gear, software and techniques that might sound unfamiliar otherwise. But, if you're a novice don't worry as you can learn along the way (that's the idea, right?). :) However, this is not a "how to" filmmaking guide. Here we focus on how to use the FiLMiC Pro app to help create videos and films with your smartphone.

The above video is one we did for our YouTube channel. It is also a preview, but of the main part of the "How To" course. Enroll today!

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