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Practice What We Preach

It's 2018 and so we've got something new we're going to try... but first a little background.

We've produced videos for our YouTube channel since 2012 and along the way learned a lot about filmmaking with an iPhone. However, while we really enjoy shooting videos on our phone, we don't actually do it that often (besides the occasional home video or b-roll shot for a professional project - we make our living doing commercials, corporate video and indie features and TV).

So last year in 2017 we made our first narrative short film entirely shot on our iPhone 6s. It is called "Casey's Favorite Song" and was a lot of fun to make (and very challenging to make - we learned a whole lot).

The technology and tools today are getting to where you can use your iPhone (or other smart phones) and create content that rivals higher-end cameras and productions. Yes there are definitely limitations, but the freedom that smartphones allow can override that in many cases - and in the end it comes down to the craft of the filmmakers.

So in 2018 we're going to practice what we preach and start creating more content on our iPhone.

We've launched a new series called "Shortcuts" and will be shooting a wide variety of videos & movies entirely shot on our iPhone (currently an iPhone 8+). Oh, and did we mention shot & edited in only one day - and posted daily? That's the plan. For now anyway. :)

These shorts will not be connected in any way besides being shot on iPhones. The topics will be varied... some will be narrative, some documentary, some just epic b-roll and many might be just for fun. We'll see where it takes us.

Why are we doing this?

We love a challenge first of all, but also it's a great creative outlet and as always - the best way to learn and grow as filmmakers.

One note too... We will still be doing our traditional tech and tip videos covering gear, apps and more - along with the occasional review.

So yeah, sounds like we're going to be busy in 2018... How about you? :)

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