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Keep On Keeping On

Today marks the release of our 20th daily short film in our "Shortcuts" series...

This is the first one we've shot with our new Beastgrip and the Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter combo. It's actually the first time we paired the anamorphic adapter with our iPhone 8 Plus, too. Our adapter is a 37mm screw on version and so we haven't had the ability to attached it to the camera until we got the Beastgrip recently.

Our other phone is a 6S and we have a Helium Core rig for it (which is great - AND we just ordered on for our 8+ as a matter of fact) and it has a screw mount built-in (but only fits the iPhone 6 size phones). We shot our short film "Casey's Favorite Song" with that setup and it worked really well.

So... We met our New Year's challenge. What challenge you ask? Our daily short film challenge. We wanted to make it one month and we did it. Pretty proud of that we must say and hope we inspired some of you to get out and use your iPhone to create something cool.

We started our Shortcuts on January 2nd and today January 29th marks the end of our daily version of these - but, NOT the end of us making them. They will definitely continue - how often, we're not exactly sure right now (biweekly or monthly maybe?). We'll let you know soon.

Right now, one important thing we want time to do is share what we've learned in the form of additional "How To" videos and more. Our plan is to keep a regular schedule of consistent content arriving on our YouTube channel.

So, no we're not doing daily shorts anymore, but we'll still be plenty busy creating new iPhone filmmaking stuff. :)

Speaking of YouTube, if you like what we do please consider subscribing to our channel... Thanks!

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