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When To Shoot iPhone ProRes

I haven't posted to this blog in several months mainly because I've been very busy producing, directing and now editing a new feature film. These kinds of projects take up a lot of time, however, I have been doing my best to keep up with weekly-ish YouTube videos - and several recently have revolved around using the ProRes video codec.

If you don't know what ProRes is, it's a professional video codec that is typically seen on high-end cameras like from ARRI, RED or Blackmagic. It allows us to capture high-quality images and get great results when doing color grading and VFX work due to it's 4:2:2 10-bit color and high bit rate, and it easily plays back on computers versus more compressed formats like HEVC, etc. ProRes is available on iPhone 13 Pro series phones and later.

Now of course shooting ProRes on a phone is NOT the same as shooting it on the above mentioned cameras as there's more involved than just the video codec (like sensors, optics and more), BUT it is pretty amazing to have this feature available on a phone.

So the question is... when and why should you use it? Check out the video below to see what I think...

And then along these same lines, here's another video about how I match iPhones to professional cameras (spoiler alert: ProRes might be involved)...

Have you been using ProRes? Let me know in the comments here or hit me up on Twitter (X now) or YouTube.

Happy mobile filmmaking!


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