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Everyday LUTs Pack (Vol. 1) • LogV1 & LogV2

Everyday LUTs Pack (Vol. 1) • LogV1 & LogV2

PLEASE NOTE: This pack now includes LUTs for both FiLMiC Pro LogV1 (legacy version) and LogV2 (newer version). Additionally, these LUTs work with log footage shot with the Moment Pro Camera app. Lots of flexibility and options! However, they are not recommended for use with LogV3 or LogV3+.


Designed to quickly and easily convert FiLMiC Pro LogV1, Log V2 or Flat footage to a standard Rec 709 look using your favorite editing, FX or color correction app. Also includes several additional LUTs to use depending on the way the footage was shot. For example, if a shot needs more contrast or less, or if the white balance needs to be warmer or cooler.


Remember, LUTs are a great way to start, but often will require additional color correction and/or grading to achieve a desired look.


Included LUTs:

1. Log to Standard Rec 709 (utility)

2. Log to Captain Crunch (punchy look)

3. Log to Morning Coffee (subtly warm)

4. Log to Kinda Cool (subtly blue)


How do you get the LUT pack? Once purchased you will recieve an email with a download link that is good for 30 days.


Want to see some samples? Go here.


Have other questions? Check out our FAQ and Tutorials.


Android users note: These LUTs will work with any smartphone footage shot in log or flat with the FiLMiC Pro app (not just the iPhone).

  • Software Requirements

    Our LUTs work with most popular editing, color and FX apps that allow importing of 3D LUTs with the .cube extension. This includes Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, FCPX, LumaFusion and more.

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$4.50Sale Price
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