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New Short Film | MIFF 2019

Probably the best thing about film festivals and/or contests is they give filmmakers a reason - and a deadline - to get work done.

It's easy (and admittedly fun) to talk about cameras and color grading and cinematography, etc., but more times than not - it's just talk. Actually using the gear and apps and your skill to make films is the hard part. So when we heard that Moment was doing their festival again we were happy to oblige and enter a film.

Of course as often happens we got super busy with our commercial work (that is our bread & butter) and so the short film got pushed back... and pushed back. We finally ended up shooting it last Saturday (8 days ago from this post), and we finished the editing last night. Oh, and we had another out of town shoot last week for a client, so only had a couple days to work on it. Thus, the late entry (today), but we made the deadline!

Check out the short film here...

We shot it on an iPhone XS Max with FiLMiC Pro LogV2, and we used a Movi Cinema Robot gimbal. We did not use any 3rd party lenses from Moment, although we did have one of their cases on our phone.

Btw, here's a quick look at our Premiere Pro edit timeline. Notice all the audio tracks and edits. We'll go into this more in the future on our YouTube channel, but we had to do all the sound design and foley from scratch (production sound was not usable). Lots of work on a very quick turnaround!

Did you enter a film into the contest? If so, definitely share it with us on social media. We're on Twitter a lot and would love to see it. :)

Thanks for watching and happy filmmaking!

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