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Smartphone Wide Lens Shoutout

Lots of requests for this one...

We've done several lens shootouts over the past year including anamorphic and telephotos, and now we're looking at wide angle glass. For us this is a lens we actually use more than any other.


Using a third-party tele lens is pretty much the same as using the built-in tele lens (talking about the focal length, not f-stop or quality per se). But using a wide lens is a field-of-view you can't get with an iPhone XS Max (or really any dual camera smartphone). The native wide lens is approximately 26mm and both these third-party lenses are around 18mm. So pop one of these on your phone and you'll really see a lot more of the world around you.

So, watch our comparison video below between the Moment 18mm wide vs. RhinoShield .62 4K wide and see which lens you like better!

And if you're interested in either of these lenses here are direct purchase links:

What did you think? Agree with our assessment?

Also, do you use third-party lenses for video or photography? Both? Or neither?

Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on social media (especially on Twitter where we hang out a lot). :)

Happy filmmaking!

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