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Smartphone Cinematography Course Now on Udemy Too!

Our online course, "Smartphone Cinematography 101" is now available on the popular training site Udemy.

So for anyone that already has account with them you can simply login and purchase & watch it there - or in their mobile app, too.

The course is also available on our main academy page here on our site where we use the Teachable platform to host it. It's the exact same course on both sites, just different options now to buy and watch it.

Not familiar with the course?

It's for beginners to intermediate folks looking to learn the essential techniques & craft of visual storytelling and how to shoot professional-quality, cinematic video with your smartphone. Below is a short preview of the course...

The best thing is once you learn the basic principles of cinematography (composition, framing & lighting) those skills will stay with you forever and can be used regardless of the kind of camera (including smartphones) you shoot with in the future.

Remember... Don't wait to create! Enroll today and unlock the potential of the amazing camera you carry in your pocket. :)

Happy filmmaking!

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