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NEW Blackmagic App Course!

If you've been considering switching to the Blackmagic Camera app or just wanting to learn how to use another app, then definitely check out my NEW course...

In it I go over the app from top to bottom and demo how to get the best out of the various features. The idea being to master the app and use it to shoot professional quality video with your iPhone.

And for the first two weeks you can SAVE 15% during the Launch Sale.

This app has a rather deep feature set, but some of the features I've found are not intuitive to use. So I spent the last six months shooting with, and learning the app - in real world production scenarios.

I've been using various mobile video apps since 2012 including FiLMiC Pro, MAVIS, Moment Pro Camera, Protake, BeastCam, CinemaP3 and more - and so I have lots of experience to share - and I can honestly say I think Blackmagic has done an amazingly good job designing this app.

Is it perfect? No. But it's less than a year old and they have been pretty good with their updates and so I'm hopeful it will continue to advance and get better.

I personally switched to using it as my main video camera app, although I still use several others including FiLMiC Pro as that's what I've used for a long, long time (but I'm doing that less now).

Since Apple Log was introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro/Max, more or less in conjunction with the Blackmagic Camera app, I think the future is very bright for mobile video. And really, should we even call it "mobile video" anymore when you can shoot 4K 10-bit ProRes Log? Crazy when you think about it. But I digress...

Oh, and don't forget - the Blackmagic Camera app is FREE. No reason not to check it out.

So don't wait to create and I hope you like the new course.

Happy mobile filmmaking!


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