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FiLMiC Pro LogV3 | Graded Narrative Looks

Currently we have one LUT pack that is designed for FiLMIC Pro LogV3 and you can buy and/or learn more about it here.

We are, however, working on additional LUTs and will be releasing them soon. These will more or less be "Volume 2" LUTs to our original popular LogV1 and LogV2 options, but with some new additional looks (and for use only with LogV3).

Recently I did a lighting demo shoot with Ulanzi using the iPhone 12 Pro Max and FiLMiC Pro LogV3 - along with my LUTs. The purpose of that video was to see how we lit one narrative style scene three different ways using only one light. But the other part of it that hasn't been shown yet is how I did the color grading. That is until now...

Here is a before & after still image:



And below is a video with all three different versions of the scene with before/after wipes to show the final graded looks versus the original ungraded LogV3.

For this I used our "Natural" LogV3 DeLog LUT along with some additional grading within Adobe Premiere Pro. I will likely post a tutorial on how I did this in the near future.


Using iPhones in narrative work has been possible for many years, but the results have often been hit or miss. This largely being due to the technical limitations of the legacy devices.

Now today though when you combine the latest greatest 12 Pro Max and it's larger sensor and 10-bit video recording with apps like FiLMIC Pro using LogV3 the results can be really incredible. When I watch this I forget it was shot on a smartphone!

And remember too, we're really just getting started here as these are early days in the progress of mobile video technology. It's only going to get better.

I'll be sharing more cinematic samples as the new LUTs are released. And btw, you obviously can use FiLMiC Pro LogV3 and our LUTs for any kind of projects, not just movies - but this is a fun way to test them out. :)

Happy filmmaking!


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Henrik Andersson
Henrik Andersson
Apr 18, 2021

Honestly I had a hard time focusing on the grading because I was laughing so hard.

Blake Calhoun
Blake Calhoun
Apr 18, 2021
Replying to

Ha, ok. Not sure what you mean.. Laughing at the song lyrics for dialogue?

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