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Why Filmmakers Should Use iPhone Video App Effects

As the title of this post suggests... We think filmmakers of all levels (that includes professionals) should really consider using in-camera effects from various iPhone apps for their projects.

Need some old 8mm footage from the 1960s? Use an app. How about some VHS footage from the early 1980s? Use an app for that, too.

Some will say why not just shoot it on whatever camera you're using (RED, Alexa, DSLR, etc.) and then add effects in post-production... and sure, you can do that to achieve a similar look. But in our opinion it just doesn't feel as authentic as using an app designed to mimic that exact look - including frame rates, film grain, dust & scratches, gate weave, etc. for old film - or video noise, head alignment issues, static, etc. for VHS footage. And all added at once, in realtime - and easily played back and exported in a snap. Oh, and most importantly, very realistic looking. Don't believe us? Watch below...

Btw, this episode is our kinda-Christmas show and likely our last video of 2017. We appreciate everyone's support of our YouTube channel and this site and hope you have a great holiday and a very happy New Year. We've got some awesome iPhone filmmaking stuff (more How-To videos and filmmaking technique shows, additional LUT packs and more) lined up for 2018 and look forward to sharing it all with you next year. :)

And here's a quick video we did on using a VHS app...

What apps do you use in films to help tell your stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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