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The MOMENT Anamorphic Lens Is Here!

We pre-ordered the Moment anamorphic lens via Kickstarter last spring and last weekend we finally got our hands on it. So, we made a first impressions (First Look) video of course!

And, our first impressions are... positive. :)

Watch the video above for details, but overall this looks and feels like a solid anamorphic option for your iPhone, Samsung or Google smartphones (you have to use specific Moment cases to work with the lens).

One of the main things some people were concerned about was the ability of the lens to flare as compared to the prototype lens originally shown in the Kickstarter video. In our testing so far, the lens will definitely flare - but, not as easily as the prototype - and we think this is a good thing. It looks more natural and organic this way, not as much like a post-production plug-in flare.

The other thing people are talking about is the barrel distortion. We knew it would distort some and it does, just as the Moondog Labs anamorphic lens does, too. So not a big deal and there are ways to get around this or even fix it after the fact (we'll be doing a video soon about this).

Since there is some distortion in the lens we decided to compare it to the other wide Moment lenses - and to the standard built-in iPhone wide lens (for a baseline look). Check out this video to see that comparison...

So what do you think... Does the distortion bother you or was it expected? Did you pre-order the lens, too? Or if not, will you be ordering one?

Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on YouTube (and subscribe!) or our other social media channels.

Btw, more videos on this lens coming soon! Check back here or our YouTube channel for info and to watch.

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