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Moment vs. Moondog!

There's been a lot of interest recently in the newly released Moment anamorphic lens (we've done several videos covering it). And one highly requested video from our YouTube audience was a comparison between the Moment and Moondog Labs anamorphics. So, we made one!

We've worked a lot with the Moondog Labs lens. We've shot two narrative short films using it - Casey's Favorite Song and recently our award winning short (won the FiLMiC Pro One World Film Contest) "Miranda". So we were very familiar with that lens - but actually learned a fair amount in the comparison we did.

We also learned a lot about the Moment anamorphic lens as well. We've big fans of their entire collection of lenses (we own them all), and so it's very cool to see them venture into the more "cinematic" universe of mobile filmmaking with this anamorphic option.

So which lens came out on top? Check out the video. :)

What you like in lens characteristics is subjective. So in the end picking a lens is a personal choice. Spoiler alert though - we really like them both!

And speaking of lens characteristics... We did a follow-up video looking at how the Moment anamorphic compares to the Moment Wide lens. Lots of folks ask if they could get a similar "wide screen" look just using the Wide lens.

What do you think? Did you have an overall favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on social media or on our YouTube channel (and please subscribe!).

We look forward to seeing all the cinematic footage (and lens flares) you guys shoot on either of these cool anamorphic lenses.

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