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FiLMiC Pro LogV2 Is Here!

We had the opportunity to beta test the latest greatest version 6.8 of the FiLMiC Pro app and have to say that LogV2 is really pretty great - and not to mention that now it also offers higher bit rates up to 140Mbps. If you haven't updated your app it's available now. Go do it! :)

The best results will come from using the most current iPhone models like the XS Max, however, this update also works on older phones as well (and some Androids, too). This can actually breathe new life into these devices like the iPhone SE or iPhone 6S.

UPDATE: Watch Part 2 now as well...

And regrading color grading the new LogV2 footage we're happy to say our current LUT Packs do work. You might need to make some contrast and/or saturation adjustments depending on the shot, which of course you typically have to do anyway using LUTs. They are rarely drag & drop perfect... LUTs are a great starting point that then get finessed.

Now in saying this, we were planning new LUT Packs for 2019 and now they will be designed specifically for LogV2 footage, but again, our LogV1 LUTs work well - and in addition they also work with the new Moment log & flat footage.

Watch this quick tutorial on using our LUTs with LogV2...

We'll be doing a lot more on this topic so please stay tuned to our website and YouTube channel. Really exciting developments happening with computational imaging and smartphone technology right now.

Happy mobile filmmaking!

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