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FiLMiC Pro LogV2 Low Light Testing & Short Film

If you haven't heard FiLMiC Pro released a big update to their popular (and our favorite) video camera app.

You can now shoot in higher bit rates (up to 140Mbps on the latest iPhones - we're getting 125-130Mbps range on our iPhone 8 Plus) and they created a new version of their log gamma curve called LogV2.

Below is Part 2 of our look at this new update along with some very interesting low light tests and a fun little short film we made at night (something we NEVER would have done before shooting log with FiLMiC Pro).

If you haven't seen Part 1 watch it here.

When you combine this new LogV2 and the higher bit rates we're really beginning to see the next level potential of what mobile filmmaking can achieve.

As a side note, if you own our LUT Packs and have updated to LogV2 - our LUTs do still work fine. You will just likely need to adjust the saturation and maybe contrast depending on the shot. Watch this short tutorial below showing how we graded some LogV2 footage with our LUTs.

Exciting times for sure in the mobile video & filmmaking world. Can't wait to see what 2019 and beyond will bring.

Happy filmmaking!

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