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Favorite Mobile Filmmaking Tech of 2020

Last year I did my "Best" gear list of 2019 which was a Top 10 countdown style list, but this year was so weird with the pandemic and primarily working from home, etc. that I decided to do a "Favorites" list instead.

I didn't use a ton of different gear this year, but I reviewed enough and found some favorites that I used a lot - and importantly, that made my life easier when using them. But also several things this year were actually tech-related advancements versus the actual gear and I wanted to include those as well.

So in saying all this, here is my YouTube video with my favorite mobile filmmaking tech of 2020 and if you've already watched this then below it are the actual products listed with purchase links (along with a link to full review videos). And btw, these are not in any particular order...





FAVORITE MOBILE VIDEO TECH (see videos down the page)

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max - (10-bit HDR, Larger Wide Sensor, f/1.6 Aperture, Sensor-Shift)

  • FiLMiC Pro 10-bit LogV3

  • FiLMiC Pro Dynamic Tone Mapping Fix

  • FiLMiC Pro Clean HDMI Output - (watch video)

And here are some honorable mentions...

These are things I really liked and used a lot, but didn't include in the main list or YouTube video. Several are post-production related as this year I didn't do as much post on my mobile devices as I thought I would, however, I still think they're great and we'll see - maybe in 2021 I'll do more with the iPad Pro. :)


Please note: Some product links used are affiliate links.

And for more details about my favorite tech using the iPhone 12 Pro Max watch these videos below...

iPhone 12 Pro Max Dolby Vision 10-bit HDR (in FiLMiC Pro)

iPhone 12 Pro Max LOW LIGHT (larger sensor, f/1.6 aperture)

iPhone 12 Pro Max STABILIZATION (sensor-shift)

FiLMiC Pro 10-bit LOGV3 (works in 12 series iPhones ONLY + some Androids)

If you're looking to learn more about mobile video & filmmaking then check out the Academy section on our site. There we offer training for FiLMiC Pro and a lot more.

Also, we now have a new LUT pack ready to go for FiLMiC Pro LogV3. We're working on additional packs as well (coming soon), so if you're now shooting LogV3 and wanting to quickly & easily correct and grade the 10-bit log footage then definitely check those out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my favorite mobile filmmaking tech of 2020 list... What did I forget?

I know there were lots of great things released during this crazy, unforgettable year that I didn't cover or get to explore. Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who watches my YouTube videos and subscribes to my channel. I hope you find the content helpful and I appreciate your support. I'm looking forward to creating more exciting stuff in 2021 and I also plan on doing more narrative work too (i.e. short films, etc. shot on my iPhone).

Happy New Year and happy mobile filmmaking, too! :)

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