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iPhone 14 Video Updates

Creating this post to have the most recent iPhone 14 videos I've made in one place...

First up a first look at the phone and it's size along with what, if any, accessories still work.

And here I look at one of the MOST important aspects of a new iPhone camera... How is it in low light shooting scenarios?

Next up another first look, but this time at the brand new 48mm 2X Telephoto, which I have to say maybe one of my favorite new features of the iPhone 14 Pro.

And lastly for this post, if you're upgrading from the iPhone 13... You maybe be wondering if Apple improved Cinematic Mode... Well, did they?

That's it for now. More videos in the works though...

UPDATE: Have now used the 14 Pro Max for several months and here's what I think...

So did you upgrade? If so, what are your favorite new features?

Happy filmmaking!


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