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Monitoring Audio with FiLMiC Pro

I definitely love creating those crispy images with FiLMiC Pro, but... don't forget about the sound. And you might be surprised at the amount of audio control you do have when using this app.

I've done several videos on this topic, but one recurring question that I see on YouTube is how do you monitor the sound when using an external mic. If you're used to using traditional cameras this isn't normally an issue (unless you have a mirrorless camera like a Sony a6400 that has no headphone jack!), but with smartphones it can be.

The main reason is you have only the one Lightning port (on iPhones) that the mic is occupying, so where do you plug in the headphones to monitor the audio?

One note, if you just watched the video ( didn't? go watch it!) I did end up getting the mics using the Lightning adapter to work with the wireless headphones. I had to turn the Bluetooth headphones OFF each time I connected though, which is pretty finicky and a pain to be honest, but it did work. I pinned a comment on the video on YouTube explaining this.

Check out this related video too on recording good sound with FiLMiC Pro...

And one more on a few ways to attach a mic to a gimbal (btw, you can use a Lightning splitter/adapter here too as shown in the first video)...

Do you use mics with FiLMiC Pro or any other mobile filmmaking apps for that matter? Let me know what your experience has been like.

Happy filmmaking. :)

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