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New FiLMiC Pro Cloud-To-Camera & ProRes Log

One of the best things about the camera app FiLMiC Pro is that it is one of the few apps that continually updates and improves its current feature set - but also always seems to add more. And this is a one-time paid app, not a subscription. Same with the in-app upgrades... Just a one-time fee and everything is included, which is really great.

And that definitely includes their latest greatest update that adds two new features squarely aimed at professional video creators and filmmakers...

Camera-To-Cloud using and ProRes Log

If you're a hobbyist or a casual mobile video user these things probably won't do much for you (and TBH you're likely not even reading this in the first place), but for those of you who use your iPhone in more professional settings (or plan to) then these updates are worth getting to know.

Let me just say that the new Camera-To-Cloud (or C2C as they call it) is amazing, and it's likely something you didn't realize you even needed until you try it. As you shoot you can instantly create proxy files that then get uploaded to the cloud.

The way this works is FiLMiC Pro now integrates with is a web-based platform that allows you to collaborate with your production team and/or clients anywhere in the world. So that means they can view or download the footage you're shooting simultaneously. This is especially great if you want to be editing while you're shooting or if someone can't be on location they can see the footage right away.

Check out this video to see this system in action:

Now admittedly this is not for everyone, but having this option at this price point is crazy to think about. This type of setup was only available to the highest of high-end workflows until now. And even then it's only been available to those kinds of jobs for a short while. So it's definitely something to consider for your next or future projects.

The other thing FiLMIC Pro added to this update - and in a way they just snuck it in - is the ability to now shoot ProRes Log. That's right. You can now shoot 10-bit 422 ProRes log on a phone. Now that's definitely crazy.

The new ProRes variety is called LogV3+ and is part of the Cinematographers Kit. And by the way, the integration is also part of this kit. This is a one-time fee in-app upgrade. But again what's great is if you already have the CK you get all this added for no additional charge.

I've covered FiLMiC Pro Log since it's inception back in 2017 and followed it through LogV2 and LogV3 (not to be confused with LogV3+) and so I'm very familiar with it and think it's pretty great.

The thing you have to remember though is we're still shooting on a phone with a small sensor. So capturing log this way is not like log on a traditional camera. It's similar for sure, but not the same. Even though... in some cases phones can actually have better dynamic range than traditional cameras - but it's done through computational imaging. So you don't get the same latitude in post as you do with say Sony S-Log for example (meaning you can't really save the highlights if they're blown out).

But nonetheless, it's a great feature that works surprisingly well, and lets you achieve some very filmic looks all shooting on a phone.

I have a new LUT Pack specifically designed for this new log profile and do recommend using LUTs, especially for log footage. It can be tricky to bring back to a standard look otherwise and so LUTs make it much easier and can really speed up the process. Of course keep in mind, they are just a starting point and will almost always need to be finessed. And btw, I'll have more LUT packs coming soon too with more creative looks.

So what do you think about these new FiLMIC Pro updates? Drop a comment below or on the YouTube videos and let me know.

Happy filmmaking!


P.S. If you're new to FiLMiC Pro you might consider enrolling in my in-depth course to learn the app.

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