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Now Learn On SkillShare

I've had my mobile filmmaking courses available here on my website since 2019 using Teachable as the host, along with Udemy as another option for those that prefer that platform - and now I've added SkillShare to the mix.

I'd probably just prefer to host the courses on my own site as it's easier to maintain and update, etc., but I also want to make them available to the widest audience and so using third-party platforms is a good way to do that. And SkillShare is largely geared towards learning creative arts like painting, drawing, photography, and yep - filmmaking.

So I've added two of my courses there. The first is my Smartphone Audio 101 course and the second is my DIY Short Film course.

UPDATE! I've now also added my Smartphone Cinematography 101 course to SkillShare.

The nice thing about SkillShare is once you join you have access to everything on the site, not just one course. So while there is a monthly membership expense, it can definitely be worth it especially if you're looking to learn multiple things.

I still have my courses on this site via my Mobile Filmmaker Academy and a few select ones on Udemy too, so that's not changing. I'm just expanding the offering to now include SkillShare as well.

Which platform is your favorite? Please let me know.

I hope you learn a lot and enjoy the courses regardless of how you prefer to take them.

Happy filmmaking!


P.S. For those interested, I am now working on creating a NEW course for FiLMIC Pro V7. Release date TBA.

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