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Stay Productive & Creative (FREE Series)

Since much of the world is spending a lot of time at home right now due to this worldwide pandemic I wanted to try and help filmmakers, video creators and the like stay motivated and productive and thought what better way to do that than making short films with their smartphone! :)

Back in 2018 I made 20 short films in 20 days and it really helped kick start my creativity - and my YouTube channel - which recently crossed the 100K subscriber mark.

So to help with this I decided to give my MAKE A MOVIE TODAY behind-the-scenes series away for FREE for the next two weeks. Btw, these are the kind of short films you make by yourself, so NO social interactions required!

If you're interested to learn how I made the films and how you can apply this to your own work then just use coupon code CREATE2020 during checkout and you're all set. No strings attached. This code is good until 4/1/2020.

Go here to enroll in the series.

Happy filmmaking and stay safe!


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