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Why the New M1 iPad Pro Might Just Be Great...

Apple just announced the release of a new iPad Pro with their M1 chip and it just might (finally) be a great device for filmmakers.

Not that iPads in the past have not been - they absolutely have - but with many caveats (like not being able to edit from an external drive). But now with this new chip, along with the addition of Thunderbolt and the new XDR display, this iPad Pro could really make a mark.

For mobile video creators and filmmakers, LumaFusion announced that soon you will be able to edit from an external drive. THIS IS HUGE. And is one of the biggest barriers for me using my iPad for video editing.

Then for high-end filmmakers, the new XDR display will fit in nicely on set to easily preview precise colors and images. Maybe a DP will use it as a monitor with a camera or perhaps a DIT might use it with Davinci Resolve.

Pre-orders start on April 30th, so I don't have one to test yet, but in the meantime check out my latest podcast episode where I opine about it's possibilities.

Listen/watch on YouTube:

Or via Anchor:

Or the show is also on Apple Podcasts (link below) and pretty much everywhere podcasts are available.

Are you interested in the new M1 iPad Pro? Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube - or hit me up on Twitter.

I think I'm ordering one. :) -BC

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