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Cinematic LUTs (Vol. 3)  • FiLMiC Pro LogV3+

Cinematic LUTs (Vol. 3) • FiLMiC Pro LogV3+

PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains LUTs for FiLMiC Pro LogV3+. These are designed to work with 10-bit ProRes log on the iPhone 13 Pro series devices or later. These are not recommended for use with LogV1 or LogV2 or LogV3 (we have other specific LUTs for those profiles).


Our DeLog LUT quickly and easily converts FiLMiC Pro 10-bit LogV3+ (or Flat+) footage to a standard "Rec 709" look using your favorite editing, FX or color correction app. Also includes several additional LUTs to use for adding different creative looks. For example, if a shot needs more contrast or less, or if you want a black & white or maybe a cold look.


Remember, LUTs are a great way to start, but often will require additional color correction and/or grading to achieve a desired look. Getting proper exposure and white balance while shooting are very important to get the best results.


Also note: These LUTs are "all-in-one" looks, meaning you only apply this one LUT to correct and grade (add style) to a shot. This is particularly handy if you use LumaFusion as currently you can only apply one custom LUT to a shot at a time (they cannot be layered like in other apps).


Included LUTs:

1. FP ProRes LogV3plus DeLog (standard look)

2. FP ProRes LogV3plus Indie Spirt (subtle blue & desaturated)

3. FP ProRes LogV3plus Summer Hit (vibrant warm mids & teal shadows)

4. FP ProRes LogV3plus October (muted & low contrast)

5. FP ProRes LogV3plus Velvetine (clean subtle warm vibe)

6. FP ProRes LogV3plus Cine Noir (high contrast B&W)


How do you get the LUT pack? Once purchased you will recieve an email with a download link that is good for 30 days.


Want to see samples? Click the video at the top of the page (small square below header). Or go here.


Have other questions? Check out our FAQ and Tutorials.


Android users note: These LUTs are designed to work with ProRes log footage shot on an iPhone. 

  • Software Requirements

    Our LUTs work with most popular editing, color and FX apps that allow importing of 3D LUTs with the .cube extension. This includes Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, FCP, LumaFusion and more.

$12.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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