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A Movie a Day


We successfully shot & edited a movie a day as part of our "Shot on iPhone" video series, Shortcuts.

Okay, yeah, Monday was New Year's Day and so we didn't do one that day, but we did for the rest of the work week.

Not sure what we're talking about? See our previous blog post for all the juicy details on why we're doing this.

So here are the results of Week 1 below - and must say... not too bad. :)

How long will we keep this up?

Can't say to be honest. But we'll be back at it next week (we aren't doing them on the weekends - well, we'll be shooting Monday's episode, but just not releasing videos on Saturday or Sunday).

Anyway, we hope you're enjoying seeing our work and also seeing what you can do with just an iPhone - and a few creative ideas (and very little sleep).

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