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Learning a Lot

Week 2 is now in the books on our "Shortcuts" series where we produce a new short film/video daily from scratch - all shot on an iPhone.

Won't lie, it's been challenging and not just because of the time it takes to shoot & edit, or coming up with good ideas - but also because of apps not working, gear malfunctioning, batteries running out of juice, forgetting various accessories needed to do a shot, etc. etc. etc.

These things can happen on any video shoot, but when you're using only an iPhone and pretty much a one-man-band kind of crew - it can make it really tough.

Not that we're complaining actually, this is what it's all about - learning. Learning a lot.

And not only about the technical issues or limitations (there are plenty), but also about how those limitations can actually make you more creative and resourceful.

We're making notes as we go through this process and will be making several videos to share in the future on "Best Practices" for real world iPhone filmmaking, because once you make a film a day you begin to figure out what should and should not be done.

We're definitely learning a lot. :)

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