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A Liberating Filmmaking Feeling

Recently shooting our Shortcuts series has given us a new found sense of filmmaking freedom.


Having the ability to shoot high quality footage (with the right techniques and apps) at anytime and anywhere is really liberating.

As of today we've shot 14 short movies over the past 3 work weeks. Let that soak in. 14 short movies all shot on an iPhone and edited each day.

For the Casey Neistat's of the world that may not be much, although there's really only one of him (he did daily VLOGs for almost 2 years). But for most filmmakers - you rarely do more than a short film a year - let alone daily.

Now don't misunderstand, we're not bragging here. And our films are not super technically advanced, nor overly complicated to produce like some traditional narrative films might be (although a few of ours have been pretty tricky to pull off in only one day).

We're simply trying to point out that having this filmmaking ability in the palm of your hand really changes things.

Yes, of course, you still need to have the drive and determination to get it done. Along with the filmmaking know-how and craft to make movies. In addition to a creative vision with a desire to tell stories...

But having the iPhone (or any smartphone today for that matter), really makes it "easier" to do this. It gives filmmakers the amazing freedom to make a movie anywhere at anytime. And btw, by "movie" we mean any visual story you want to tell.

There REALLY are no more excuses.

So grab your phone and go make something. We definitely look forward to seeing what you create.

P.S. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel! :)

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