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BOOM! 10K YouTube Subs

We got a nice email from YouTube telling us we hit 10K subscribers earlier this week.

We've been working hard on creating consistent content for our channel (and other outlets like this site) and it's slowly but surely paying off.

The irony of course is we were booted out of the YouTube Partner Program when their new rules were implemented recently.

If you didn't know you have to have 1000 subs (which we had), but you also had to have 4000 watch hours over the past 365 days (as of Feb 1, 2018). It just so happened we fell short on that latter requirement. In early 2017 we were on hiatus and so our numbers were lower. Now, we're doing fine and have re-applied to the program and should be back in by end of April.

It's not like we make much money from YouTube by the way, but it is nice to get some revenue from all the hard work - and it's all part of an overall business model to keep this site and the channel afloat. :)

But enough about YouTube... let's talk about the actual videos...

As mentioned, we've been uploading consistently now since last fall and really consistently this entire year. We now release one video a week and will keep that going for the foreseeable future.

We hope you're enjoying the various iPhone filmmaking tech, tutorials, and techniques we're presenting.

What has been your favorite? And what areas would you like us to concentrate more or less on?

Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy (smartphone) filmmaking!

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