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Guide to DIY Filmmaking

We had the pleasure recently of being interviewed by the good folks of the Mobile Movie Making blog. They are an excellent resource for all things mobile movie making from interviews, tips, how-tos, and more.

They contacted us regarding our iPhone shot short film, "Miranda" - which is now featured on their site.

The wide ranging interview is with director Blake Calhoun and covers many aspects of not only mobile filmmaking (with smartphones), but traditional indie filmmaking (with more traditional cameras) as well.

From the article:


Filmmaker Blake Calhoun has made movies using 16mm, Mini DV, DVCPro HD, Canon 7D, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, RED digital cameras, and now iPhones. But whatever the technology, his creative philosophy of DIY Filmmaking remains constant: “Always make sure it does not look like DIY.” A recent example is “Miranda,” a taut 4-minute thriller that demonstrates an amazing variety of filmmaking techniques—such as dramatic close-ups and parallel action presented in split screen—all of it was handled by a two-person crew. In the interview Calhoun gives practical tips that illustrate the potential of the DIY approach.


You can watch several behind-the-scenes videos we've put together about the making of "Miranda" below:

And go over to Mobile Movie Making here to read the full article and watch the short film, too (watch it first though as the videos above do contain spoilers!). :)

Have you made a narrative film with a mobile device? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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