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Cyber Monday LUT Packs Sale!

Today only SAVE 25% on our FiLMiC Pro LUT Packs! Just enter promo code Cyber2018 during checkout.

When we first started shooting FiLMiC Pro log there were not many (or any) ways to quickly and easily correct the footage to a standard look (Rec 709). So, we created these LUTs to solve that problem and then took it one step further.

Beyond just correcting the log (or flat) footage we also made different practical & stylized versions, too.

1. Everyday LUTs

2. Cinematic LUTs

3. Vintage LUTs

4. Combo LUTs 1 (all three in this one pack)

Check them out here.

We've used these LUTs in every project we've produced since 2017 including our award-winning short film "Miranda". And the LUTs have become a popular option for a wide variety of mobile video creators and filmmakers.

This is our first time to put them on sale, so if you've been on the fence about trying them now is a great time to do it. :)

Btw, we are planning to release some new LUT Pack options in 2019, so if you already own the current ones definitely keep an eye out for those coming soon-ish.

If you want to learn more about our LUTs please go to our getting started page here. Thank you!

Happy filmmaking!

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