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How Does the Osmo Pocket Stack Up?

The Osmo Pocket seemed to come out of nowhere before the holidays and pretty much took over many tech YouTube channels. We watched half a dozen or more reviews of it. Looked pretty interesting to us and DJI has a good reputation for their products (especially their drones, but gimbals too).

Then on our channel we started seeing comments that asked how it compared to other gimbals - specifically the Osmo Mobile 2 (for smartphones). So, we decided to buy one (yep, we buy most of the stuff we use and review) and test it out for ourselves.

We already had the Osmo Mobile 2 and we also have the original Osmo too - so we threw that in the comparison mix as well...

We won't spoil the video, but what we discovered was not necessarily a surprise. All of these gimbals have pluses and minuses and each can hold their own depending on what you're shooting.

The Osmo Pocket is very unique though in that it is so TINY. It really almost feels like a toy, but it shoots high-quality 4K stabilized video - and you can actually carry it in your pocket (unlike other so-called "pocket" cameras on the market today). You could easily shoot in places with this that you could not with other larger setups. A very incognito rig for sure.

As we often say, it's really a great time to be a filmmaker and/or video content creator. So many amazing tools available today to help tell your stories.

But remember, these are just tools - and technology changes all the time. So always focus on your story first - and then figure out the best tool for the job. And who knows, maybe that is an Osmo Pocket. :)

Happy filmmaking!

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