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Our FiLMiC Pro LUT Packs Now Include LogV1 and LogV2 LUTs!

Just a quick update to say our original LUT Packs now include LUTs for both LogV1 and LogV2 color profiles!

We reworked the original LogV1 LUTs using LogV2 footage to create the new and improved looks.

Now you can easily work with legacy LogV1 footage and the new LogV2 footage using the same popular LUT looks from our Cinematic, Vintage and Everyday LUT Packs (Volume 1).

PLEASE NOTE THOUGH: You do NOT have to update to the LogV2 LUTs if you already own the originals as they do work fine. Those LUTs will likely just require some additional adjustments (primarily to saturation and contrast) depending on the shot. Since LUTs are not drag & drop perfect they have to be finessed anyway, so you can definitely do this with the original LUTs. But now we do also offer the LogV2 options going forward.

Here's a quick tutorial demonstrating how to use our original LUTs with LogV2 footage...

One other thing we discovered is that our LogV1 LUTs also work very well with log footage shot with the Moment Pro Camera app. So combine that with both FiLMiC Pro LogV1 and now LogV2 and you get a lot of flexibility and options from one affordable LUT pack. Pretty cool, huh? :)

Lastly, we have been developing a NEW set of Volume 2 FiLMiC Pro LUT Packs as well. We're considering adding some other camera profiles too, so please keep a lookout for that announcement in the not too distant future.

If you have any questions about our LUTs, please visit our FAQ & Tutorials page or send us a message. Thank you!

As always... Happy filmmaking!

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