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You're sending the kids back to school, so now is a great time for YOU to go back to school, too. :)

Learn how to shoot professional quality video with your smartphone and for a limited time SAVE 25% on our course, "The Complete Guide To FiLMiC Pro". Sale ends 8/25/19.

Don't know about our course? Check out these two short previews...

Btw, for those who have already taken this course and/or are interested in learning more about smartphone video and cinematography we are in the process of producing another course.

This new course is geared towards beginners (and intermediates) and focuses on the art, craft and technique of cinematography (shooting video) with a smartphone - or any camera for that matter. It will also look at the technical aspects along with the necessary gear required to create professional, high-quality images.

But - and this is important - it's not about the tech or the gear.

Technology changes all the time, so while we do look at the tech side of things as it's definitely a component of cinematography, we focus more on learning the foundations and techniques of the craft - that once learned will last a lifetime.

So stay tuned for more info on this soon. But in the meantime if you're interested in a deep dive on FiLMiC Pro then definitely don't wait to create and SAVE 25% on this course today. :)

And btw, if you'd like to enroll in the course on Udemy, use this link to get the discount.

Happy filmmaking!

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