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Smartphone Cinematography 101

Our new online course "Smartphone Cinematography 101" is now live! Watch a short promo below...

In this course you'll learn the essential techniques & craft of visual storytelling and how to shoot professional-quality, cinematic video with your smartphone.

It covers these topics and more:

  • Composition & Framing

  • The Rule of Thirds

  • Stage Direction

  • 3-Point Lighting

  • Types of Camera Movement (with real-world examples)

  • Aperture, ISO and Shutter (for traditional cameras & smartphones)

  • White Balance & Focus

  • Lenses (built-in and third-party)

  • Video Camera Apps (our favorites)

  • Third-Party Gear & Accessories (tripod mounts, gimbals, ND filters, etc.)

This course is geared towards beginner's and anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of cinematography and smartphone video production (and mobile filmmaking).

And for the first two weeks we're doing a "Launch Sale" and so you can SAVE 20%!

Use this link to get the savings automatically added.

Sale ends 10/22/19 at midnight CST. If you're reading this after the sale has ended the above link will still work it just won't have the discount.

We've put a lot of time and effort into this training and it has been one of the more popular request we get ("Can you create a full course on how to shoot professional video with your phone?")...

So, we really hope you find it useful and enjoy the course! :)

Thank you and happy filmmaking!

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