• Blake Calhoun

Apple's "Snowbrawl" Video Breakdown

Tried something a bit different on our YouTube channel recently and that is doing a behind-the-scenes breakdown for a video we didn't actually make... and it seems people liked the idea. :)

It's definitely fun to see how other projects were made - especially bigger projects like the iPhone shot short film "Snowbrawl" from Apple. And while it is "bigger" than what most indie filmmakers could do (budget-wise), that's really only from the size of the production - not necessarily the end result. After all they did use a stock iPhone 11 Pro and the native camera app.

Yes they also did do a lot of post-production work, but again, nothing that many indie filmmakers couldn't do themselves. And while the crew was fairly big and the grip & lighting gear was somewhat larger scale - you actually don't need all that to achieve a similar result. And that's the whole point for an exercise like this.

So take a look at the video breakdown above and let us know what you think. And of course, get out there and make your own movies - don't wait to create!

And btw, here's the actual short film to watch in case you haven't seen it...

Happy filmmaking. :)

P.S. Want to make your own smartphone shot short film? Check out one of our mobile filmmaking courses to learn how.

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