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Behind-the-scenes of my short film "Preowned"

Over the past few months I've created several videos looking at how my short film "Preowned" was made. And now that the final installment on the post-production process & workflow was released I wanted to create this post.

I thought it would be helpful to include all the videos in one place - along with the actual short film. Which by the way if you haven't seen it definitely watch that first as spoilers are in the behind-the-scenes videos.

So below are the aforementioned videos and the short.

Moment lens DIY rig (pre-production)




I hope you found these videos entertaining as well as informative. Please feel free to ask any questions here on this blog or in the YouTube comments. I'm also actively on Twitter so hit me up there, too.

And if you're interested in the LUT packs I used for the FiLMiC Pro ProRes log footage I shot you can buy them directly below or go here to see the entire store.

Thanks for watching and happy filmmaking!


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