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Favorite Video Tech of 2022

I made a YouTube video listing my favorite mobile video tech of 2022, which you can watch at the bottom of this post (if you haven't already).

Otherwise, below is the list with associated product links (or in some cases video links). And as noted in the YouTube video, some of these were not actually new in 2022, but they were new to me.

MY FAVORITE VIDEO TECH OF 2022 (in reverse order):


On the post-production side of things I used FilmConvert Nitrate a TON this year, too. It's my go to film emulsion plugin and that includes working with iPhone footage. I also really like their CineMatch plugin as well, especially for working with log footage (you can transform it to ARRI log and color grade it that way). Both are affordable options, too. If you're interested in these you can save 10% using the links below.

I also just released a NEW course on how to make a DIY short film using a smartphone (see promo below). Right now through 12/31/22 you can SAVE 20% during the Launch Sale!

And here's the Favorite (Mobile) Video Tech of 2022 video:

Note: Some links I used above are affiliate links for Amazon and others.

Thanks for watching and supporting my work in 2022 - I hope you found it helpful - and I'll see you in 2023. :)

Happy filmmaking!


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