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New ProRes Log LUT Packs!

With the recent release of FiLMiC Pro ProRes Log I've added new LUT Packs to my existing popular collection.

The various custom LUTs I've made over the years support footage shot in the original FiLMiC Pro LogV1, second generation LogV2, and the third generation 10-bit LogV3 that was released with the iPhone 12. And now I have LUTs for 10-bit ProRes LogV3+ which is currently only available to shoot on the iPhone 13 Pro series phones (and assuming on future Pro series iPhones, too).

I've created LUTs for FiLMiC Pro since 2017 and I'm one of the only places you can get truly custom looks specifically designed for iPhone shot footage. I don't repurpose LUTs from other cameras and/or use other color science. These are created from the ground up using original footage actually shot with the specific capture devices (i.e. iPhone 6s through the latest iPhone 13 Pro models).

So anyway, enough about me. :) Let's take a look at the new LUT Packs...

EVERYDAY LUTs Vol. 3 (more info)

CINEMATIC LUTs Vol. 3 (more info)

VINTAGE LUTs Vol. 3 (more info)

All the footage shown in these samples is from my short film "PREOWNED" which was shot on an iPhone 13 Pro Max using FiLMiC Pro ProRes LogV3+.

You can buy an individual LUT Pack or if you'd like to get them all I offer them as a Combo pack, too. This is the best value as you save money and get all 15 LUTs in one pack!

Btw, I'm planning to create more LUTs soon for use with regular shot ProRes (not log), along with some more for 10-bit LogV3 HEVC (not to be confused with LogV3+ which is ProRes). So look for that coming later this summer.

Hope you like the new LUTS... happy filmmaking!


P.S. If you're new to color correction & grading and are a LumaFusion user you might consider enrolling in my Color Grading 101 course here.

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