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New Video Features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Since getting my hands on the latest greatest iPhone 12 Pro Max just over a month ago I've already produced several videos on the phone's new video features. And so in this post I wanted to share them all in one place.

First up was the unboxing/first impressions and an eye-opening low light test...

Next I looked at the new sensor-shift stabilization, unique to the 12 Pro Max and actually (strangely) not covered much at all on YouTube. I'm afraid many (most) people do not truly understand how powerful this is, especially when using these devices in more professional and/or adventurous shooting scenarios...

Then I took a bit of a detour from the phone itself and tested out the new Moment (gold flare) anamorphic lens on the 12 Pro Max and got some very interesting results...

After that I went back to the technical side of the 12 Pro Max and specifically looked at the new larger sensor - along with the new 65mm Tele lens - to see how they affect depth-of-field and in particular shallow DOF...

Quite a bit to digest here, but I really hope you've found the videos informative and useful.

I'm definitely interested to see how these new features work and how they compared to the 11 Pro Max - and so far I'm not disappointed. In fact, I'm rather impressed across the board.

As I mentioned earlier, many folks have said they don't see much difference between this or the 11 Pro Max or the new 12 Pro. I disagree and these above videos support my case. :)

Now in saying that, I am looking at using these devices in a more professional manner and so if you're just shooting home movies, vacation videos, social media stuff, etc. then you might not see the difference (even though they are actually there). But then those folks are not the target demo for this kind of niche filmmaking tech either.

So for those into that kinda thing - and if you're reading this that likely means you - look for more videos on this exciting new iPhone coming soon (including on 10-bit HDR video and a lot more).

Happy mobile filmmaking!

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